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2018 Wedding trends.


Trends for the coming year is always an interesting topic for those in the wedding industry. For 2018 I think we will see a range of Asian influences from the decorations through to the food. Couples who have travelled a lot together want to reflect those holiday memories in their big day. Neon signs will be a replacement for oversized lit letters and add a touch more drama and of course we eagerly await some instant copycats following on from Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding in May.

I am seeing a return to the more romantic waltz style first dances rather then the choreographed routines that took weeks of practice and could be quite stressful for the couple.

In 2017 couples were pairing down the glamour and going for more laid back vibes with relaxed partying into the small hours with less emphasis on timings and a more laissez faire approach.A continuation for romantic secret settings and personally written vows is also going to keep the focus on the couple rather than the bling.

The gorgeous florals that were everywhere in 2017 will still be a feature as the greenery excitement is really timeless. Weekend long, tee pee glamping celebrations will still be a popular choice for many as will glass structures for more high end events.

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