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Q7 – Is it cheaper to have a small ceremony and then a separate party at another time?

If you choose to celebrate your wedding twice, then beware some of the costs will be repeated and others will be halved. Although it does mean that you get to celebrate twice, and that can’t be bad!

The idea is to invite only the closest relations to the ceremony (usually the local registry office) followed by a small reception. You will be tempted to ‘push the boat out’ because there are not many guests, and this could be costly for just a meal and drinks.

However when you do book your separate party, you will have the same inevitable entertainment and evening food cost. You will also probably invite the same guests again and many more. Will you wear your wedding dress or incur more costs by treating yourselves to new outfits? You will also not have the photographer attending, and you may need to get another cake.

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