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Children at weddings

Personally i like seeing children at weddings, but if your numbers are tight or the occasion isn’t very child friendly then it is completely your choice.

If there are going to be children at your wedding then i think it is best to provide them with a little party bag.

I do not think they need special food, just smaller portions. I do not think you need an entertainer or creche for them, unless you have lots of children and then it is a nice idea so that guests can relax a little more.

I suggest asking a bridesmaid or close friend to buy some small gifts to occupy them, and the odd lollipop usually helps too. Or you could always give me a last minute call and i will happily shop for you and deliver them on the day.

Don’t be surprised if the adults on the table start playing too!

And then hide all those bits in a stylish personalised goody bag for the child to keep.

Like the ones pictured at the top –

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