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Confetti Love

Confetti and weddings go hand in hand so lets share some love for it.

A bride recently asked us when people throw the confetti. There is no one answer to this, have fun with it we say.

Usually confetti is thrown just after the ceremony. However there can be restrictions at venues ( but not if you are at home- yay another reason for marquee weddings) as to where confetti can be thrown. Often photographers lead the way so that they get a great picture of the moment.

It is a lovely tradition and it can also be personalised. You could give young attendants bubbles to blow instead, or gather rose petals or buy personalised confetti and put into cones for guests. I am trying to dry my own petals this week as I have an abundance of peony heads but not being too successful at keeping the colour so think I will stick to the day job of planning weddings instead.


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