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Cost of weddings

The Huffington post (17/6 /13) reported that people are being taken advantage of for pricing services related to weddings.

“It’s not just our imagination that weddings have become more expensive – a report by consumer watchdog Which? has found that couples are being charged up to four times more for services simply because the celebration is a wedding. The company made enquiries regarding wedding venues, photographers and DJs in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, posing as customers to get quotes.”


Unfortunately this can be the case.

My advice is

– always negotiate

– check you are getting value for money by getting several quotes

– seek references/advice from friends and family who have used those services previously

– Employ a wedding planner to do all of the above for you. We can get you discounts, advise on the best/reliable/appropriate suppliers for you and your budget.

I know what your thinking – ‘but a wedding planner costs lots of money too’. Our costs are usually returned to you in the savings we can achieve and we are definitely worthwhile for saving you extra sleepless nights.

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