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Floral fashions 2013

Guest blog by florist – Emma

When it comes to flowers, let’s be honest, we may be able to differentiate between a rose and a gerbera but as for seasonality, availability of shades and basic practicalities… it’s time to consult a florist!

Here, I asked the owner of a flower shop about recent trends and what she thinks will be up and coming for the next season.

“I run a florist in the south of England, and wedding flowers are our speciality!  There is nothing better than discussing ideas and coming up with the perfect bouquet to suit a bride. So what has been popular in 2012 so far, and what can I see emerging for 2013?   It’s all very exciting!!
I have increasingly noticed that brides are getting more and more adventurous while simultaneously retaining core traditional essences.  The shower bouquet has definitely made a U-turn and is almost as common as the rounded hand tied style now, but brides will sometimes add accent colours and accessories like butterflies or pearl drops for an up to date twist.  Pomanders are a familiar sight for bridesmaids again, adding pops of colour in a very quaint way.  The main difference that I have noticed is that modern brides are not afraid of colour!  We even have an orange and purple themed wedding coming up next month.  But why not?  Every bride wants their day to be memorable, special and different, which is why it is so lovely that you can be endlessly creative with flowers these days.  From blue orchids (dyed of course!), to adding gems and vintage brooches amidst the flowers or down the stem, there is nothing wrong with trying something new or personal, while retaining the classic elements.

The vintage look was big for summer 2012 – floral bunting, tea cup flower arrangements and ‘picked from the garden’ styled bouquets.  I do feel it is a style to stay; it is just so delightfully gorgeous and can be tweaked to suit each individual.  Colour wise, blue and Cadbury’s purple were undeniably big colours this year with the former sometimes proving to be a problem for flower sourcing!  You don’t have a huge variety of blue flowers, but there are always ways around it, never fear!

As for weddings in the next year, I predict that peaches, greens and corals will see more of an emergence alongside pastel colours in general, the shabby chic look will continue to dominate, more lace and ribbon will be incorporated into the flowers and brides will try out flowers in their hair.  It is always exciting to see which direction styles are going to take, and wherever it goes, it is sure to get some creative ideas blossoming!”

Emma Taylor, Forever Green Florist, Bournemouth.

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