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Getting Started

Getting started is all you need to do when planning a wedding. Take each decision as it comes and do not worry too much about the enormity of the task.

Easy for me to say!

Invest in a wedding file/organiser, that also doubles as a keepsake full of memories. I look back at notes, quotes, cuttings, samples and stationary for my wedding more than i have ever watched the video. has lots to choose from. They also make nice engagement presents.

Google documents has a great section on planning weddings, and it gives you checklists and spreadsheets to keep you organised.

If spreadsheets aren’t for you, then print off a short checklist from the internet and work your way through it. Choosing your venue is the hardest part, once you have made this decision everything else will fall into place. Most wedding venues have lists of local suppliers they recommend and a wedding/events manager to help you.

This might be a good time to spend a little of your budget on a wedding planner who will search for venues for you to your specific requirements and then give you a short list that meet your criteria.

My advice is also not to give yourself too much time to plan a wedding. This may sound strange but if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions it often helps you to be more decisive if there is a time constraint.

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