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Kind words, most appreciated

Thanks Lucy and Ed for your kind words about our ‘on the day’ help for your wedding earlier this year, it was a pleasure to work with you both and a joyous wedding day.

“We were very happy to have you coordinating on the day, we really appreciated your hard work in the background.

Your coordination was discrete, to the point where the guests didn’t know you were there.  However it certainly did not go unnoticed by us, and you certainly took the pressure off me (Ed) in the hours before the ceremony. 

Everything on the day ran smoothly, and we didn’t notice any issues even if there were any.  We were able to completely relax.

Another aspect that we appreciated was your flexibility in arranging terms prior to our wedding.  You were happy to manage the day and available for two brief meetings to review our preparations and understand the schedule.  We never felt that you were imposing your direction on the day, rather you helped us with some advice on timings and worked exactly to our vision for the day.

Thank you for ensuring our day ran smoothly.”


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