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Marquee Wedding Tips

1) Check the size you need for numbers you want to invite – generally each round table will need a 3m sq space.

2) It is preferable to have the tables on 2/3rd’s of the floor space leaving 1/3rd for dance floor and bar.

3) Choose your style of tent – traditional with poles, frame marquee if space is tight or teepee for a bit of drama.

4) Plan where you can site the caterers tent and if you have space for entrance pagoda’s.

5) Decide where you can site toilets. If these are coming on a trailer unit check you have access wide enough.

6) Look at pictures to help you choose lighting (chandaliers/lanterns), drapes, dance floor style ( parquet or chequerboard), floor covering.

7) Discuss power needed by caterers, bar and entertainment in case you need a generator. Consider heaters for the marquee too.

8) Have a wet weather plan. Usually the dance floor space can double up as an arrival reception area for guests if they cannot be outside. Therefore if you do not have the space for a separate reception drinks area, then put the dance floor at the end closest to the entrance.

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  1. Poptop - Wedding Planning Blog Saturday 10th February, 2018 at 15:56 Reply

    Thanks for sharing! This is such a fantastic, detailed list! What can you suggest for a lighting?

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