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Marquee weddings at home

Have you been thinking of having a wedding at home or at your parents house?

Not sure if the outside space is big enough for a marquee or if you can manage the organisation. Then give us a call and we can come and have a look and chat over the options with you.

Marquee weddings are our speciality and you would be surprised by how creatively a space can be used to make your dream day come to life.

There are certainly more things to co-ordinate when you have a marquee wedding but the joy of seeing everything unfold before your eyes is something that couples can really enjoy. A marquee wedding allows you all the personal touches you want with very few venue restrictions and a guarantee of a unique day.

If this is something you are thinking about please get in touch and we can have a quick chat about the considerations and most definitely the positives to make it all happen.


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