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Newly engaged – want a marquee wedding but don’t know where to start?

It’s natural to be excited and perhaps a little overwhelmed by all the options especially if you want a marquee wedding.
Take some time with your partner and try to answer some of the questions below.

1) Think through your overall vision/ dreams for the day.
2) Decide on 3 things you definitely don’t want to compromise money on.
3) Have an idea of budget, but remember this may change.
4) Remind yourselves of friends weddings and see if you can identify memorable moments.
5) Identify any concerns that might stop you from enjoying the preparations and the day itself.
6) It is your wedding day so you we want you to ‘enjoy’ the planning, remember you don’t need to do everything yourself!


Contact the professionals early on to check the feasibility of your site and then start letting your ideas flow. Wedding planners will answer queries for free if you email them (we will) , a little advice can help give you the confidence to get started.

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