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Nice message of thanks from a father of the bride.

Three weeks out from our eldest daughter’s wedding with 170 guests travelling from Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, many parts of the United States, Germany and of course throughout the United Kingdom I realised expert help was needed…..and at warp speed. The objective was simple….to ensure everyone left walking on air having celebrated the love & marriage of Emma & Mark.

Having phoned Zoe at 8.30am one morning she was with me at 11am that day. For three weeks every day and night from there on in, and at any time, Zoe was prepared to do whatever it  took to accommodate my fastidious & challenging standards, last minute ideas – all whilst being  just a little emotive.

The end result was a weekend of magical life memories that guests referred to as ‘epic’ and the ‘greatest day’ of their lives……..perhaps after one or two glasses of pink champagne.

If you need the very best wedding planner bringing together first class wedding suppliers that really, really care, then make your family event an absolute joy…….appoint Zoe and experience excellence.

Robert Stewart.
Father of the Bride
Entrepreneur & Philanthropist.

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