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Our first blog!

We are looking forward to being able to instantly share ideas and tips to couples planning their wedding day.

Our philosophy is that every bride should enjoy the planning process, as much as the big day. Remember you may be organising your wedding over months or years so it should be fun! If this means getting a helping hand along the way, then why not.

If you are very busy or not keen on cleaning you may employ a cleaner. You know you can clean your house yourself, but there are times when a professional, can do a better job on your oven than you could. I know i have gone off at a tangent but this is a good analogy. If you employ a wedding planner they can keep things tidy in the background for you, and help with some of the more tedious jobs.

“Remember you don’t have to do it all on your own”. Most of our work is undertaken on an hourly basis, its worth thinking about.

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