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Simple and fun wedding design touches

Earlier this year, I worked on a wedding and there were some great touches that personalised the event. They are not expensive but made a real impact for guests and the couple alike.

These are just a few ideas, but with the help of a planner you can make some of these suggestions come to life as you will have more time to be creative.

Using a Gobo light, made with your design is simple, effective and always gives guests a wow. The impact on a dance floor is great and it is a memory forever on the photo’s.


Behind the top table they had their initials standing up and lit to match the colour scheme, designer – Mad Philomena.  This provides a great focus for the couple and their photo’s and is also an instant way to make the day unique.


At the end of the evening they gave all guests a coffee, tea or hot chocolate as they went home. With the aid of a personalised stamp,  I printed the cup sleeves with their very own message and it was a fun, final momento of the day.


If you think a wedding planner could give you the time to add some extra finishing touches to your wedding planning then please do email me and we can meet for a coffee and no obligation chat.

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