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Time to start planning!

January is always a good month for new enquiries. And i am pleased to say this one is no exception.

I never tire of the excitement couples ooze when they are discussing their ideas, and sharing their dreams for their wedding day.

This also brings inevitable planning worries, so here are some simple tips for getting started.

1) Write a list of the things you remember from previous weddings you have been to. This will help to put things into perspective.

2) Choose 3 things that are a priority to you. These are the things you do not want to compromise on, and so accordingly this is where you should start.

3) Get all involved parties to meet as soon as possible (parents etc), and discuss ideas together. This can also start to get the issue of who will be invited to the wedding discussed, and allows for discussion of budget/who is paying for what.

4) Book a venue

That makes it sound easy, and i am sure it will be. If you need help give us a call 07885 543 618.

Our philosophy is that you should ‘enjoy the process of planning the wedding, as much as the day itself”

GOOD LUCK, and remember you don’t have to do it all yourself – learn to delegate.

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