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Top ten reasons to choose a marquee wedding

Are you planning a marquee wedding at home or in your families garden?

Worried there are many things to consider and still feeling undecided, then let us tell you the best bits

Top ten reasons to choose a marquee wedding

1. The set up happens before your very eyes and so you get to enjoy the excitement building for the days before.

2. You can set everything up the way you want it not the way a venue always does it.

3. You can set your own numbers of guests to invite.

4. You can choose your own catering and suppliers rather than having to stick to an approved list.

5. You are not restricted by timings.

6. There are no limitations on arrivals for set up or deadlines for clear up the next day

7. You can dress the tent anyway you like and be in control of the space / layout.

8. You have exclusive use for the whole weekend.

9. You can have a bridesmaids picnic in the tent Friday night and a hangover brunch Sunday morning. So take full advantage and enjoy as much partying as you can.

10. They are totally relaxed fun because you are at home and get the most unique memories as no 2 marquee weddings compare.

Marquee weddings are the best – we would not have a wedding any other way.


But if you want a hand pulling it all together with tricks of the trade and on the day assistance that is where we come in.

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