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Top tips for a successful wedding day

A successful wedding day is what all planners and couples strive to achieve and actually it is not that difficult. If you choose all the things you love and give a second thought to your guests pleasure too, you can’t go far wrong. Now I am making it sound easy, there is some hard work and organisation in between and a few top tips to help along the way.

My number 1 tip is to choose things you and your partner like and not to worry too much about the theme or if it is appropriate for a wedding. This sounds obvious but sometimes you can worry too much about traditions and what other people do. If you love sausage and mash and want  it to be your wedding meal, then go ahead and choose it. You can bet others will love it too and you will be eating your favourite food.

Give thought to the guests overall enjoyment by making them aware in advance of the kind of wedding they are attending ( outside on grass) so that they can come prepared. It is good to have food and drink stations for them to help themselves and encourage mingling. It is also wise to think about different entertainment to suit all ages and at the various sections of the day.

Lighting, seating,  food and music will all pay a big part in the day and I am sure you will give these careful consideration to ensure  everything goes with a confetti canon bang.

My final tip for a successful wedding day is make sure you are relaxed throughout. If you are chilled and have an anything goes attitude and a big smile, everyone attending will feel this and the vibe will rub off on everyone.


If you want some more top tips, Brides the magazine has a great article on it –


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