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Wedding Anniversary photography

Anniversary Wedding Photography is a variation of the famous American concept of ‘Trash the Dress’ but rather than photographing only the bride this is an opportunity for the couple to have some creative photos. Trash the dress type of photography session has gained popularity over the last few years with brides deciding to do something unique with their wedding dress rather than let it sit hidden in the wardrobe. If you store it it’s already forgotten. No memories anymore. The after wedding photography is on the opposite end – it is supercharged, it creates vivid memories, it is romantic, beautiful, glamorous …it is pure fine-art. For photographers like Neli Prahova, Trash the Dress name however is not a representative description as the dress will certainly not be destroyed. Therefore she prefers to refer to this type of session as Creative wedding photography. This wedding photography session offers unique opportunity for the bride to wear her gown again, but this time in a less stressful atmosphere.

Without the stress of the wedding day, the creative wedding photography allow for plenty of time for set-ups, different lighting scenarios, posing experiments, creativity and fun. As this session is fully dedicated to the couple it allows for some beautiful and creative images with a touch of romance to be captured. As the couple is also much more relaxed without the pressure of the guests waiting for them the results are always very rewarding.

The time and location for a session like this is limited only by one’s imagination. It is certainly more enjoyable for the couple to choose a place that they like or maybe a romantic place that has some significance to them. Neli Prahova has done shoots like these during the day on the beach, at sunset in a park or at night in Trafalgar square in Central London. You can see on her blog the most recent shoot in Central London by the Parliament and London Eye. <>

What better present to yourself on your anniversary than to bring back the memories of your wedding day by dressing up and spend romantic moments in a beautiful place especially if it already carries special memories?

If you wish to have more information about Neli and her wedding anniversary creative photography, feel free to review her portfolio at <>  or to contact her directly on

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