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Wedding cakes

One trend I have noticed in 2012 is with wedding cakes.

The traditional tiered fruit cake with marzipan and then royal icing is nowhere to be seen.

None of my weddings this year have had a fruit cake at all.

Couples are choosing their cakes now for taste as well as look. If they have a passion for chocolate then that is what they are asking for, the choices are endless with flavours of sponge and cake designers are getting more adventurous with their styles too.

The other bonus is that these types of cakes tend to act more as dessert. They are left for evening guests to view as they are often spectacular centre pieces, and then cut up with the evening buffet. Gone is the thought of saving a tier for the christening. Many of the weddings have provided 2 options of cake, one for show and something that can be easily served.

This year I have sourced a meringue, sweets, cheese, croquembouche, multi flavoured, cupcakes, red velvet and of course the ever popular chocolate!!

I just love the creativity with cake design, and the taste options are much more to my liking than a fruit cake. Can’t wait to see what comes next but i think cakepops are rather cute!

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