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Wedding Planner – Free consultations

All wedding planners offer a free session, so you can meet and chat about your wedding plans.

It is also an opportunity for you to meet in person, as the trust in the relationship will be crucial should you decide to work together.

In any first meeting with a couple, I try to discuss the following things :

*Introduce myself, my website and my background.

Zoe mckeown, Website has all up to date information about the company incl. costs, Working full time as a wedding planner for 2 years.

*Talk about how a wedding planner can help couples plan their day

Helping hand, plan whole thing, advice by email, recommend suppliers, search for venues, negotiate discounts, be there on the day, look after the budget

*Explain our services, and fees

Services can be as much or as little as you need. An odd hour here and there or help to coordinate the whole event. Fees are all agreed in advance, can be hourly or package, all listed on the website. Always discreet and, and on hand behind the scenes whenever you need us.

*Listen to the couples ideas for their wedding day ( okay to be vague)

Proposed dates, ceremony, size of the wedding, themes, styles, venue requirements, must haves, don’t needs, special requests etc

*Informal chat about initial budget( £3000+ ,we work with all budgets )

Begin to prioritise areas for % spend.

* Agree which services they might be interested in, and commit to email intial quote for several options/services. ( usually within 48 hours)

Give me a call, if you are tempted.

If you want to plan your own wedding, perfect!  We won’t tell anyone we helped you out with the boring bits.

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