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Wedding RSVP's

Wedding RSVP’a are exciting, it is lovely to see all your guests replying.

I have weddings over the next few weeks who are looking to finalise their numbers.

I have some advice to make this all run smoothly.

* Firstly send out the invitations as early as you can with a stamped RSVP card included. I recommend 3 months before the wedding, with the ‘RSVP by’ date at least 6 weeks before the wedding date.

*Make the RSVP date clear and at least 2 weeks before the venue has requested final number confirmation.

*Do not be afraid to politely chase guests for their reply, some will need a few nudges.

*If you have several ways a guest can respond ( email, phone, cards etc) keep a tally of the responses and any special dietary requirements as the venue will need all this information.

Postcards are an easy way for the RSVP to be sent back, and you can make it fun, add your personality to it.

If all of this sounds like lots of work, that’s where I come in.

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