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Wedding Trends for 2011

Wedding Trends of 2011

With the Royal Wedding taking place in April, 2011 looks set to be a bumper year for weddings – but what can we expect from this year’s wedding season? Where William and Kate will likely share an incredibly traditional ceremony – others will be branching out and creating celebrations that reflect their own styles, ideals and values.

Wedding Style Trends

With many households still suffering the effects of the credit crunch, there is likely to be a discernible nod to frugality in the styling choices of many brides and grooms. One key trend to look out for in 2011 is a re-emergence of vintage – with brides returning to the time honoured tradition of wearing a family dress on their big day – or alternatively of recycling vintage elements such as lace panels or delicious period details by incorporating them in their own designs.

Bridesmaids outfits, and even some bridal gowns, will be chosen for their versatility and wearability – with no one wanting to spend out on designs that will only ever be worn once – expect to see more brides dressed in subtle shades that can be later translated for everyday wear.

Additional wedding day touches – from favours to flowers and cakes to invitation cards will also see the effect of the economic climate with a continuing rise in DIY approaches offering a real personalised feel to 2011 wedding days, while costs may be further cut by using social media approached to keeping guests informed – such as wedding websites to cut the cost of invitation and information packs and allow guests to share photos and create a wedding portfolio after the event.

Wedding Location Trends

Continuing on the frugal theme, wedding locations will also see a shift this season – with more couples opting for a self-hosted wedding – think garden marquees and outdoor ceremonies.

The great outdoors is also likely to feature heavily in green themed weddings with eco conscious couples looking to cut the carbon footprint of their big day by opting for a sustainable style in a sustainable setting.

Exciting locations for frugal and eco-friendly celebrations include forests, beaches and country gardens – with many opting for a simple registry office ceremony before a non traditional blessing in any one of these outdoor locations.

Overseas Wedding Trends

For some couples cost cutting will mean opting for an intimate wedding and honeymoon package abroad – where guest numbers can be kept low and celebrations are often provided at a fraction of the price.

Popular destinations for weddings abroad in 2011 are likely to include places such as:

  • India – with flights to Goa being available at such reasonable prices, this beach based paradise will top the list for many happy couples.
  • Thailand – superb service in a stunning setting at a really reasonable price mean this tropical location remains a firm favourite for fiancés
  • Italy – Closer to home and more easily accessible for those who want more friends and family in attendance, Italy offers some amazing locations for a foreign wedding. Think Tuscan Hills, Neapolitan Riviera or even the lovely mountains of Liguria.

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