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Where to start…… planning your wedding?

We are all different and approach things in a different way.

Have you ever planned a wedding before? probably not, but how exciting to get started.

My first advice is to discuss what 3 things you definitely want your day to include.



Then think about weddings you have attended as guests and see if there are ideas you liked and things you would avoid for your big day.



Now it is probably a good idea for you to chat about budget, location and the ceremony itself.

Finally why not chat to me too, if you are reading this you may be thinking about using a planner to get you through it all smoothly and have some fun long the way.

I can meet you for a free no obligation chat, I can price the services to meet your needs or you can test me out on a few research jobs at an hourly rate if you prefer.

Call 07885 543618 or email me

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