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Can you plan a wedding in three months?

Two weeks ago I met a lovely couple who wanted to get married in London this summer.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. They did the right thing by enlisting help. They were capable of doing all the work themselves but by asking for professional advice they are ensuring that things keep moving.

We started with the venue, keeping to their list of requests. By the end of the week they visited a few and chose the Orangery in Holland Park. Because they settled on a date in mid August this has pushed the planning forward, and they have been great at making choices.

So, it is perfectly possible. My advice would be to keep things simple. Ask the venue to recommend local caterers, florists, etc.
Contact music agencies and get them to do the research for the best band.

I would spend 2 weeks getting organised, making decisions and booking suppliers, then have a bit of time off to think it through. Next, enjoy buying your dress, rings, accessories, and honeymoon.

I really believe some of the most charming weddings are planned very quickly. Because it tends to help couples keep their focus and remember only those things that are important to them.

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