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Wedding sports cars

Last week i was asked to get quotes for chauffeur driven sports cars for a wedding.

It reminded of a few things that might be helpful to you if you are thinking of having a sports car for your wedding. above) – very helpful and prompt to deal with.

  • Bear in mind they are small cars and often bride and groom can’t get in the back seats.
  • It is more expensive to book it chauffeur driven, than it is to hire for the weekend.
  • You can hire it as a surprise for the groom and best man, but you must be prepared to take responsibility for the insurance excess £2000+ if you damage the car.
  • Book cars from reputable companies, rather than private owners, for obvious reasons of reliability.
  • Have a think if you know anyone coming to the wedding who has a nice car and would be prepared to drive you. Most people with sports cars will be extremely flattered, and love to do it for you. Perhaps as their wedding gift to you both.
  • It is however for most couples only a small part of the planning, and i think unless cars are very important to you, this is research you could delegate to someone else.

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