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Wedding Bouquet preservation

I was asked this week by a mother of one of my brides, where she could get the bouquet preserved as a surprise gift for her daughter on return from her honeymoon. So i thought it might be worth a mention/ reminder if you think you might like this service.

There are several national companies, who will either collect the bouquet or send you a box to pack it in and send to them. This service is best booked in advance though, as obviously you need to send the flowers off in the best condition. It is not a cheap service either, and can take many weeks to be dried and mounted.

So if you think this is something you might like, then start researching now. As prices and delivery requirements do vary.

You can do it yourself , I think, with silica gel. But this needs a bit of research. It might be worth a try though, rather than throwing the flowers away. It is often simpler to dry just a few flowers individually and probably more practical as a keepsake.

If you already have too many things on your ‘to do’ list then, obviously you could always give us a call and this is the kind of thing we can arrange for you.        Zoe – 07885 543 618

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