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The groom's suit

Many grooms now opt for getting a tailor made suit they can wear again, rather than hiring a morning suit. It allows them to  feel comfortable and natural in a style that suits the day and their personality. It also means that any attendants can relax in a suit, rather than the tricky task of everyone getting together to be measured and fitted for tails. It also saves time on the collecting and returning of suits.

Two weeks ago i met Warren and David, the founders of
They are an inspirational duo, who run a thriving, internet based made to measure suit company. Take a look, for as little as £150 you can have a hand made suit, in a wide variety of fabrics and colours. There are lots of additional options – lining, pockets, fun slashes(sharks fin), interesting lapels etc. If you decide to save on hiring suits for the attendants then you can always splash out a little more on making the groom feel special, and stylish on your big day. And unlike hiring, it is yours to keep!

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