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Wedding cake

Wedding cake is always hard to choose as there are so many options.

Many brides who are having a traditional english summer wedding are opting for a table of homemade cakes on cake stands. This acts as a lovely table of desserts and means you can choose all your favourites.

There is also the terrible job of having to taste test them all before you buy, so i suggest starting now.

Supermarkets are a brilliant starting point, the cakes below are all by, and taste as good as they look.

For a wedding this summer , a bride i am working with is asking all their family and friends who enjoy baking to bring along cakes to add to the table. I would also suggest picking up a bargain at auctions for cake stands and side plates. You can buy lovely mix and match china at great prices and you get to keep it after for future garden parties.

Or buy it plain and add your own roses. These start at about £100 and you can have fruit or sponge.

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