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Wedding cakes

You don’t have to be traditional when it comes to wedding cake, or any other part of your wedding for that matter.

Why not select cheeses that you like, stack them up and decorate with flowers or fruit. You can put it on a cake stand or for a more rustic feel, arrange on to a bread board.

It makes a great cheese course for your meal or a tasty snack with crackers and bread for the evening munchies.

You can still cut the cake and have photo’s taken, and i think it can look just as impressive and decorative as iced cakes.

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  1. Ray " cakes " Tuesday 2nd February, 2010 at 06:00 Reply

    Thank you, I went to the website and it’s great.

  2. Lorelie Carvey Tuesday 2nd February, 2010 at 11:36 Reply

    This is so beautiful. I love the rustic look of it. I had heard of this idea recently.

    1. cherishweddings Tuesday 2nd February, 2010 at 14:29 Reply

      Thanks, i thought so

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