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Weddings abroad

Whilst stranded at Luton airport last week because of the snow, I met several couples who were due to fly out to weekend weddings. It reminded me of a few tips for weddings abroad, namely make sure all key guests get out to the location on time.

– consider how many guests you will invite
– how accessible is travel to the location, and any cost implications
– send invitations early and ask for rsvp’s
– book extra insurance for luggage etc
– if possible visit the location prior to the day and check out transfers arrangements
– consider employing a destination wedding planner for advise

Somehow the snow seems very romantic, and just as we like it – can be lots of fun. Winter weddings offer opportunities to add many personal touches like sleigh rides under snuggly warm blankets, with warm mulled wine and plenty of mistletoe.

Destination weddings are great, one of the best I’ve attended was in Toledo. The wedding started at 7pm and went on until 6am in the morning. The spanish certainly know how to party, and it was definately a wedding to remember.
Please get in touch if you would like more help planning your perfect, dream wedding abroad, we have some lovely venue ideas.

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  1. Nick Grove Saturday 20th November, 2010 at 10:10 Reply

    Great advice, I have clients looking to get married in Croatia! I’ll send them a link…

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