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2019 Wedding Trends

Royal trends:

Wedding trends in the UK this year will undoubtedly feel the influence from two royal weddings. Florals will continue to dominate with a neutral palette and more creative structures overflowing with greenery. Both Royal brides opted for matching bridesmaids dressed in the same colour with simple flower garlands in their hair. As to be expected, this is very traditional and I am not sure we will see many grown up bridesmaids follow the trend. However, the theme of natural, in season elements will inevitably grow across all aspects of weddings. With regards to upcoming food trends,Italian meringue covered lemon and elderflower cakes are already a big hit. Since the royal weddings I have had two couples following Meghan and Harry’s tasteful choice.



Metallics have been a popular theme at weddings for a while now. The trends are now moving towards rust shades with the new corten metal influencing our gardens and our choice of accent tones. I predict more autumnal tones than pastels this year, as we saw with Princess Eugenie’s wedding.


Light boxes:

In a more modern but also slightly retro trend, light box messages will remain a popular, fun way to welcome guests to the evening reception. They can be personalised with a greeting from the happy couple, as an easy way of adding a personal touch to the day.



White and minimalistic designs will also be in fashion. Reinventing the classic minimal chic with even more white, washed over everything. Couples will prioritise the choice of a clean, modern venue, with less clutter on tables and complementary bold lighting on the walls.



Sustainable and recycled weddings with a stylish twist will be this years’ clear winner for me. It will suit every budget. From those who want to make DIY decorations to those who want to go paper free or totally eco- friendly, so it is a wonder it hasn’t been universally popular before now. The brides I work with are usually quite creative but are also aware of the environment and want to avoid too much waste. Again they are choosing venues that reflect their style, but consider a number of features when making decisions. They make simple choices working in collaboration with ethical suppliers but also heavily include family in the preparations. Raiding mums garden for ivy, aunties making cakes and granny stitching initials on napkins collected at auction is all part of the fun.



Tequila could replace gin stations, we hear it was flowing at the Royal weddings and I have already had a wedding where a bottle and shot glasses were brought to every table with dessert.



With increasing technological advancements, I think drone photography could peak in 2019. We see much more use of drones in our everyday life, and this is not likely to stop as couples will join in the trend using them at their weddings.

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