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Is this TOO much?

I love a dramatic entrance as much as the next person but is this over the top?

This was the floral display for the hotel entrance for a wedding, it was stunning, a complete wow.

This was not a wedding I had planned, and initially I thought how amazing it would have been to work on a wedding of that scale. They had Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry playing for the evening reception, and a huge marquee filled with amazing floral hanging installations. It was a 4 day event and whilst it must be lovely to afford that generosity to a celebration my thoughts did wander to the need for such extravagance and expense.

Each of those flower balls alone must have had over 100 long stemmed roses all flown it to be at perfection for the day. I do not profess to have eco friendly weddings as such but this wedding did make me think twice about the waste there was likely to have been and if the couple had any better a time, than the wedding couples I work with.

For the record, I specialise in marquee weddings, often in the grounds of the family home and with everyone involved and ready to party.


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