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Wedding car ribbon

I met a couple this week, who are so enjoying planning their wedding. They are loving all the decisions and just using us for a bit of guidance and advice along the way. We met at their venue, and the discussed options for getting guests safely from the church to the reception.

I suggested a clear map and instructions for parking be sent to all guests, or be included as an addition to the order of service.

Another fun, but helpful idea is for a spare usher (or handy wedding planner) to attach ribbon bows to all the cars while the ceremony is taking place. Guests returning to their cars are usually thrilled to see the car has been decorated, and it makes it clear which cars are from the wedding if you need to follow someone through a city to a hotel etc. Beware though that cars don’t tend to have aerials, so you need to use wing mirrors or door handles, and watch out for sensitive car alarms.

The ribbon below would make a lovely addition to any wedding car.

ribbon –

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