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Male wedding fashion

This is not usually something i get too involved with, but recently i have noticed a trend away from morning suits and hired items.

This more casual look, shows the mans style and is often more practical.

They can buy a suit they like, that is a bit more unusual than they would normally choose. Have fun accessorising it and then wear it again.

It also means that ushers and bestmen can also just wear a suit they have already got and add a few details to ‘tie’ the look to the event.

It saves the trips to the hirers to all try on suits, then making sure you don’t lose the jacket at the reception and finally delegating the job to someone to return them all.

Ultimately a more relaxed feel, that i think more men feel comfortable with and inevitably feel more confident in.

Why not splash out a little bit more and get a tailor made suit especially for the day.

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