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Marquee wedding advice

Marquee weddings are our speciality.

They provide a very personal setting for couples and have the bonus of being completely private hire from the week before the wedding to customise and dress as you wish. This of course can add complications and needs careful planning as the site may not be used for weddings on a permanent basis.

If you are looking to have a wedding reception in a marquee on a private site or in your garden etc, then here are some things to consider.

* Access to the site for marquee lorries, catering equipment and toilets.

* level of the floor – will you need a wooden base laying?

* contingency if it rains ( dance floor for reception drinks)

* generator for electricity

* Parking arrangements and signs for the venue

* Security of the site, and any equipment left overnight

* Noise pollution for the local neighbours

* collection of all hire items and disposal of rubbish before the marquee can come down

* order some taxi’s if in a remote area for the end of the evening.

You would be surprised how many brides wanted a wedding in the garden but thought the space was too small. Marquee companies are very good at erecting tents in difficult sites and trees/fountains/steps can always be incorporated into the structure.

If you want to know more then email for a no obligation chat or some free advice.


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