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Technology and weddings

Recently there have been a lot of new products come to the market for weddings.

This is mainly due to fast moving technology and new ideas for how to use websites and apps.

Lover:ly – Is a collection of wedding related pictures on the internet for a bride/groom to search and collect images they like.

It is a website full of wedding related images for couples to find inspiration. All the pictures are approved before they are uploaded to the website and brides can flick through categories or colour schemes looking for the perfect cake or flowers etc. saving images as they go for future reference. Is this the end of the cuttings from wedding magazines and the cherished wedding scrapbook – i hope not!

WedPics - Allows couples to share their guests smartphone pictures in one place.

For a fee you buy an account from WedPics. Then tell your guests to login to the free app with that account number and all the pictures they take on their camera that day get uploaded to that account. After the wedding couples can share everyones pictures immediately. Sounds like a great idea.

Appy couple – An app for guests to view, giving them vital or just fun information about your wedding.

This is a personalised app, which you completely customise with all the information guests may want to know before the wedding. It is like a website – which is now quite common but in the form of an app. Guests will never be lost with all the details of the venue, addresses, maps, timings, hotels etc on their phone. Very clever – no need for bulky invites (assuming all guests have smartphone technology)

Pinstagram – Sharing of instagram pictures on the internet. It is Pinterest and instagram combined.

My only reservation is that there are now so many choices, is technology making decisions easier or more complicated for modern brides?

I hope it doesn’t replace too many traditions, but we should certainly be looking at the next new thing if it is going to make weddings more interactive.

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