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Wedding Planner courses

Each week we receive emails for advice about how to become a wedding planner.

We have teamed up with the UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning ( UKAWEP)

The courses are all internet based, and can be done at your own pace.

All courses are offered by E Learning through our Virtual Campus. E Learning is learning that takes place in an electronically simulated environment such as our Virtual Campus and is web-based. It uses a variety of media like audio, text, virtual environments, video, and animation. E Learning, in some ways, is even better than classroom learning methods as it is a one-on-one learning method, it is self-paced and it has an experiential-learning format. E Learning has the capability of immersing its students completely within an environment most conducive to learning. This sets it apart from classroom-style learning.

All you need to access our Virtual Campus is a computer or laptop with internet connection. Whether you are using a PC or MAC you will still be able to have access as our courses have been formatted for both systems.

Upon enrolment you will receive a login and password to our Virtual Campus that will take you to your own personalised online classroom. From here you will be able to access all of your course materials, as well as links to all the other main areas of the Campus such as our Job Board and Article Library.

You will also receive regular emails updating you on what is happening within the Academy and informing you of any new texts, videos or blogs that we have found that are industry specific.

Take a look at the 5 courses available. All have received formal accreditation,  up to a nationally recognised level 3 or 4

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