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Gift vouchers available

Struggling to find an unusual, but useful gift for your fiancé, best friend or daughter?

Wedding planner gift vouchers are a great idea. ( I might be a little biased)
Most planners will sell you time by the hour. Which can be redeemed by the bride when she feels she could do with an extra pair of hands, or just someone to chat over ideas with. It is probably best to start by choosing a local wedding planner who has a good website and testimonials. Give them a call/ email and see how promptly they respond, or how helpful they seem when you speak to them. Take a look at their prices, many start from as little as £30 for an hours consultation.
Don’t worry that they will try to take over the wedding, that is not what we do. We love weddings and making couples feel, happy and ready for their big day. Most of our gift vouchers are used for checklist meetings, to give a bride peace of mind. Its worth a try and if the bride does not want to use the vouchers WE OFFER A FULL NO QUIBBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Also great as engagement presents!

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  1. Hirayama Wednesday 13th January, 2010 at 04:02 Reply

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