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Wedding music

Setting the right atmosphere for your wedding can be tricky. Music is often the best way to do this. However the bride and groom can have different tastes and ideas about the sort of music they would like to be played, and can sometimes focus too much on pleasing everyone. I booked a great Jazz band for an event this weekend, and i think they worked brilliantly because they were able to be versatile. Jazz is very popular for weddings but you need try to hear a band play before you book them. ‘Jazz ambience’  plays a wide range of popular music styles including latin (samba/bossa etc), swing jazz (ballroom, big band, bebop), pop (60’s, 70’s, funk etc), movie themes (Bond, Pink Panther etc), and background music (romantic and dinner) all with the unique Jazz Ambience style. Unless you have very specific requirements, look for a band that can be flexible and add to your event. It is always good to check if it is the kind of music people can have a dance to, even if it is just for background in the afternoon. An impromptu dance on the lawn is a lovely romantic way to start married life.

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  1. Sam Friday 16th October, 2009 at 04:21 Reply

    Great blog, so true about jazz bands setting a really nice mood – I often recommend them for my clients for this exact reason. A party band can be great but can be a bit loud for some parts of the day.

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